About IkdaiyaCo-Founder – President & COO

Ikdaiya is a home-grown fashion name, started by Mr. Shivram Saini, from the last 10 years in Jaipur Rajasthan. It has grown similar to ethnic wear in India. Ikdaiya’s journey so far has been nothing but important and incredible, and the legend following the brand is as impressive as the man who founded it.


Our Incredible JourneyWhat can you do with a goal in your mind and an unshakable quality of confidence?

Take the latest collection from Wes Gordon: His fall presentation was distinctly cool and sleek – that’s his signature direction – but the use of delicate floral appliqués and guipure lace gave an opulent, almost old-world feeling to his ultramodern pieces. As Gordon puts it, “The idea is to take these materials and do them in a way that works in

Traditional Techniques

From using fresh luxurious shapes to champion the modern Indian woman to building beautiful designs steeped in our culture, as well as offering a range of chic and adorable clothing for girls from 5 to 10 years, today Ikdaiya is a substation of modern as well as Indian fashion.

We have our private In house production of raw materials including Printing, Embroidery, Stitching, and Handwork in which we focus on the texture, design, quality, the pattern of the fabric.

Our Skilles

Its very Complex for customer satisfaction new design and product delivery. our awesome design team always in mind treading new look

Bold and Fearless






Stylish and Fashionable





Ikdaiya’s focus mission is to present a whole wardrobe solution to Today’s Indian women. The aim was to choose the way by giving modern Indian ethnic wear an established modern retail perspective. We aim to grow nationally and globally to provide to larger customers through both e-commerce & local area.


Ikdaiya demands to enhance the various preferred fashion brand for modern Indian women all over the World. With the Plan of Developing the Indian fashion view always, our clothing products exceed the Ikdaiya women from the rest. Our focus is on quality material, relevant, sizing, and design with find end to end clients.

Our Team

We are made by our people

We are a tight-knit organization of people working mutually with an enthusiasm for design and fashion. Our team is our biggest strength, and while several of us have a set chosen position, we all aim towards a mutual goal. To continue creating impressive designs and create fashion an instrument of development and positivity. We are constantly striving to re-look at modern designs that form the contemporary world while remaining rooted in our culture and tradition that encourages our Indian wear.

The Features our experienced & proficient team has-

  • Toughness: No matter what occurs, just be happy and keep working
  • Fun: Be charming and intelligent. Operate joyfully with everyone.
  • Responsible: Be honest whenever.
  • Passionate: Follow your spirit, keep active.
  • Interest: Keep inquiring regarding the world & always keen to learn New.
  • Respectability: Be honest and sincere is the common primary rule of anyone.